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2015 100m Feature film, Epic, Historical, War HD Taska Film

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: No subtitles

The Battle of Tannenberg Line, often referred to as the Battle of the European SS. WWII.1944. The bloodiest conflict on the Eastern Front. Volunteer infantry battalions from Denmark, East Prussia, Flanders, Holland, Norway and Wallonia within the Waffen-SS fight off Soviet Army's thrust at Germany. Half of the SS infantry consists of local Estonian conscripts motivated to resist the looming Soviet re-occupation of their small country. Motivated until they meet their brothers in the Soviet Army. Men brought out of Siberian labour camps and now returning home. Today 70 years on, the makers of Estonia's biggest ever box-office success “Names in Marble”, try to express the hopes, aims and drama of these men and the ones close to them as objectively as possible. A thrilling war movie, full of action, love, tears and laughter takes us back to one of the most controversial events in history. The International Military Tribunal at Nuremburg declared the SS to be a criminal organization, but exonerated the Baltic Waffen-SS units. The US Displaced Persons Commission in September 1950 and other decisions by Western Allies have drawn the same distinction.

  • Participation, Letʹs Cee Film Festival (Vienna, Austria), 2015.
  • Participation, CAMERIMAGE International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography (Poland), 2015.
  • Participation, Arras Film Festival (France), 2015.
  • Participation, Cairo International Film Festival (Egipt), 2015.
  • Participation, Baltic Film Days in Oslo (Norway), 2015.
  • Participation, AFI EU Film Showcase (Silver Spring, Washington D.C., USA), 2015.
  • Participation, Chennai International Film Festival (India), 2015.
  • Participation, Palm Springs International Film Festival (USA), 2015.
  • Participation, Cleveland International Film Festival (USA), 2015.
  • Participation, Kosmorama Trondheim International Film Festival (Norway), 2015.
  • Participation, Festival of Tolerance (Croatia, Austria, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia), 2015.
  • Participation, OSCAR - The Award of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (USA), 2016, Foreign Language Film - National Nominee
  • Cast
    • Kaspar Velberg
    • Kristjan Üksküla
    • Maiken Schmidt
    • Gert Raudsep
    • Hendrik Toompere jr jr
    • Karl-Andreas Kalmet
    • Henrik Kalmet
    • Pääru Oja.
    • Priit Strandberg
    • Märt Pius
    • Priit Pius
    • Kristo Viiding
    • Jaak Prints
    • Magnus Mriuson
    • Mait Malmstein
    • Tõnu Oja
    • Sepo Seeman
    • Anne Reemann
    • Anne Margiste
    • Peeeter Jürgens
    • Eliise Makrjakov
    • Ain Mäeots
    • Peeter Tammearu
    • Rain Simul
    • Martin Miil
    • Ivo Uukivi
    • Kristjan Sarv
    • Andero Ermel
    • Marko Leht
    • Priit Loog
    • Dein Suvi
    • Karl Valkna
    • Karl Poll
    • Ken Rüütel
    • Jakob Tulve
  • Producer
    • Kristian Taska
  • Director
    • Elmo Nüganen
  • Writer
    • Leo Kunnas
  • Co Producers
    • Maria Avdjuško
    • Ilkka Y.L. Matila
  • Camera Operators
    • Rein Kotov
    • Mart Taniel
  • Sound Designer
    • Jyrki Rähkonen
  • Sound Engineer
    • Olger Bernadt
  • Artist
    • Kalju Kivi
  • Editors
    • Tamber Tasuja
    • Kimmo Taavila
  • Composer
    • Jaak Jürisson
  • Costume Designer
    • Mare Raidma
  • Colorist
    • Ivar Taim

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.


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