Fred Jüssi. The Beauty of Being
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Fred Jüssi. The Beauty of Being

2020 64m Documentary HD Taska Film

  • Audio: Estonian

Fred Jüssi has built his life at the crossroads between nature and culture. He is a true philosopher of the outdoors who has given deep consideration to the fundamental questions of being human. In this day and age, there is a lot of talk about success and hard work. This film is about fruitful idling. It is a praise of dolce far niente. A hymn for living slowly. Meandering along nature’s secret trails, gazing at clouds passing by, for hours on end, and falling into the sweet embrace of smoke rising from a campfire, we leave city noise and economic growth far, far behind. As Fred Jüssi puts it: sometimes you just have to be sinfully slothful, and all by yourself.

  • Cast
    • Fred Jüssi
  • Producer
    • Kristian Taska
  • Director
    • Jaan Tootsen
  • Writer
    • Jaan Tootsen
  • Camera Operators
    • Joosep Matjus | Atte Henriksson | Johannes Broux | Ivar Taim | Karl Ander Adami | Ahto Nuut | Veljo Runnel | Jaan Kronberg
  • Sound Desingners
    • Horret Kuus | Henri Kuus
  • Editor
    • Katri Rannastu
  • Sound Engineers
    • Mart Kessel-Otsa | Külli Tüli | Fred Jüssi | Veljo Runnel | Horret Kuus
  • Colorist
    • Lauri Laasik
  • Graphic Designer
    • Janek Murd

HD film

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