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2007 105m Drama SD Allfilm

  • Audio: Estonian/Russian.
    Subtitles: Estonian, English

The life of Georg Ots (1920-1975), the most well-known Estonian opera singer, was full of changes and difficulties. He started with the career of an engineer; later during the times of war he found himself as a musician in Yaroslavl. Georg Ots's extraordinary talent and dedication made him a nationwide star in the whole Soviet Union; however, there are two sides of every coin. It is a very personal story about love and marriage, celebrity and jealousy, self-realization and self-destruction.

Participation, Shanghai International Film Festival (China), 2008, Programme: Panorama.
Participation, Montreal World Film Festival (Canada), 2008.
Participation, Kaunas Film Festival (Lithuania), 2008.
Participation, Nordic Film Days Lübeck (Germany), 2008.
Participation, Cyprus International Film Festival (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol; Cyprus), 2008.
Participation, International Film Summerfest of Durres (Albania), 2008.
Participation, Krotia International Film Festival (Greece), 2008.
Participation, Chennai International Film Festival (India), 2008.

  • Cast
    • Marko Matvere
    • Anastasia Makejeva
    • Renars Kaupers
    • Tõnu Kark
    • Elle Kull
    • Mirtel Pohla
    • Karin Touart
    • Rein Oja
    • Aleksandr Okunev
    • Sergei Fetissov
    • Bert Raudsep
    • Jevgeni Gaitšuk
    • Indrek Taalmaa
    • Jassi Zahhaarov
    • Ülle Kaljuste
    • Raimo Pass
    • Margus Prangel
    • Maria Klenskaja
    • Raine Loo
    • Helle Kuningas
  • Producers
    • Märten Kross | Ivo Felt
  • Co producers
    • Sergei Zernov | Ilkka Matila | Svetlana Kutšmajeva
  • Director
    • Peeter Simm
  • Writer
    • Mati-Jüri Põldre | Aleksandr Borodjanski
  • Camera Operator
    • Rein Kotov
  • Artist
    • Kalju Kivi | Eugen Tamberg | Mare Raidma
  • Composer
    • Juri Potejenko
  • Sound Designer
    • Seppo Vanhatalo
  • Editors
    • Liina Triškina-Vanhatalo
  • Sound Engineer
    • Seppo Vanhatalo

SD Movie

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