Christmas in Vigala
K0May not be suitable under 0 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

Christmas in Vigala

1980 1h 25m Drama SD Tallinnfilm

  • Subtitles: English, Russian
    Audio: Estonian

The Christmas of 1905 in Vigala is not the peaceful holiday. The manor house has been pillaged during the peasant's revolt; the air is full of smoke of fire and there is the premonition of inevitable punishment. Bernhard Laipmann is a tenant farmer whose wife is asking him to leave home since her husband keeps drawing the attention of the authorities. Having doubts about leaving, Laipmann is inspired by endeavouring towards freedom and equality and alarmed by the violence of the revolution. He has not taken part in pillaging the manor house, so he should be found guilty. Nevertheless, Laipmann is captured after being falsely accused and he is ready for the worst. One more time he has to make a choice and now he is not having any doubts.

  • Cast
    • Evald Aavik
    • Kersti Kreismann
    • Häli Saarm
    • Kadriann Soosaar
    • Ants Jõgi
    • Jüri Arrak
    • Viktor Balašov
    • Linnar Priimägi
    • Ago Roo
    • Margus Oopkaup
    • Omar Volmer
    • Arvo Kukumägi
  • Producers
    • Maret Hirtentreu
    • Raimund Felt
  • Director
    • Mark Soosaar
  • Writer
    • Mark Soosaar
  • Story Editor
    • Arvo Vallikivi
  • Operator
    • Mark Soosaar
  • Sound Designer
    • Enn Säde
  • Art Director
    • Omar Volmer
  • Editor
    • Kersti Miilen
  • Composer
    • Veljo Tormis
  • Tallinnfilm
    • 1980

SD Movie

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