Class Reunion 3: Godfathers
K14May not be suitable under 14 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

Class Reunion 3: Godfathers

2019 90m Comedy, Feature film HD Taska Film

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtiitrid: Russian, English, Finnish

The final film in the trilogy CLASS REUNION 3: GODFATHERS takes us on another wild ride which will stop at nothing and will leave no time to feel shame. The three best friends – Mart, Andres and Toomas, are back! And as always, they offer genius solutions to both their personal problems, as well as the audience’s spare time.

When we last saw the trio, it seemed that all their problems had been solved – Toomas got married, Mart found his way back to his wife’s loving arms and Andres finally got a potential date. At the beginning of this final chapter of our story, we find the three classmates in a situation in which poor Andres has been dogged by great misfortune the most. Starting with his ex-wife Anne’s annoyingly idyllic family life with a handsome wealthy husband and a new-born baby, ending with an unexpected obligation to take care of his disabled father. Why are other people living their best lives just when you are at your worst? When Anne proposes Andres to become her new-born baby’s godfather, the brave man decides that he needs to find the most beautiful woman to accompany him at the event. To find this perfect woman at the last minute, the boys decide to head to tantra camp. Accompanied by high hopes and his wheelchair-bound father, Andres embarks on a wild journey with Toomas and Mart through the hot Estonian summer.

  • Cast
    • Mait Malmstein
    • Ago Anderson
    • Henry (Genka) Kõrvits
    • Maarja Jakobson
    • Karmen Pedaru
    • Raivo Adlas
    • Marvin Inno
    • Ingrid Margus
    • Sofia Fe Soe
    • Franz Malmstein jr
    • Kadri Rämmeld
    • Lauri Meidla
    • Anette Grabbi
    • Venno Loosaar
    • Sandra Ashilevi
    • Ott Sepp
    • Jan Uuspõld
    • Piret Krumm
    • Ago-Endrik Kerge
    • Katrin Karisma
    • Martin Algus
    • Saskia Alusalu
    • Anna Jankelevitš
    • Birgitte Susanne Hunt
    • Raili Lille
    • Trevor Toome
    • Mithel Are
    • Britta Soll
    • Karmel Killandi
  • Producer
    • Kristian Taska
  • Director
    • René Vilbre
  • Writers
    • Lars Mering
    • Claudia Boderke
    • Martin Algus
  • Camera Operator
    • Mihkel Soe
  • Sound Designer
    • Horret Kuus
    • Henri Kuus
  • Sound Engineer
    • Olger Bernadt
  • Artist
    • Anni Lindal
  • Editor
    • Margo Siimon
  • Composer
    • Arian Levin
  • Costume Artist
    • Anu Lensment
  • Colorist
    • Evar Anvelt

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.


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