The Triangle
K0May not be suitable under 0 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

The Triangle

1982 29m Animation Tallinnfilm

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: Estonian, German, English, Russian, Spanish, Finnish, French

An adult cartoon about marriage problems and gender roles, routine pressure and hunger for intimacy in a modern city family, based on the Estonian fairy tale "Under the Stove". Under the quick fingers of the Soviet woman Julia, a multi-course feast is prepared every night for her husband Viktor, who is returning home from work. Until Eduard, who is under the stove, appears under the electric stove and starts claiming his share..

Award, Estonian SSR Film Festival (USSR), 1983, Grand Prix - Best Animated Film; Best Director of Animated Film.
Award, Ukrainian SSR Animation Film Festival (USSR), 1983, Award of the magazine "Novini kinoekranu" - for innovation in the art of animation (to "The Triangle" and "The Hell").
Prize, Rapla - Animated Film Festival (Rapla, USSR), 1984, Award of the adult audience.
Participation, FIPRESCI Symposium in Repino (USSR) , 1986.
Participation, Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival (Bristol, Great Britain), 1989.
Participation, Tampere Film Festival (Finland), 1989, Retrospective of Priit Pärn.
Participation, Salso Corto Film Festival (Sasomaggiore Terme, Italy), 1989, Retrospective of Priit Pärn.

  • Cast (voice)
    • Mara Klenskaja
    • Eino Baskin
    • Eero Spriit
  • Director
    • Priit Pärn
  • Writer
    • Priit Pärn
  • Camera Operator
    • Arvi Ilves
  • Artist
    • Priit Pärn / Miljard Kiik
  • Composer
    • Olav Ehala
  • Sound Engineer
    • Jaak Elling


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