Bonycrone + Bonycrone and Captain Drum

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  • Bonycrone and Captain Drum
  • Bonycrone

Kunksmoor and Captain Drum live happily together in a witchs hut on a desert island. They eat pancakes and play board games. Kunksmoor, who desperately wants to win, cheats. A quarrel breaks out and Kunksmoor walks out on Drum. At the same time Kunksmoors help is sought: ayoung sailor has fallen ill. Captain Drum treats the boy with herbs as Kunksmoor would have done. The ship which brought the boy to the island is shipwrecked and the cargo of poison is dumped into the sea. Drum is completely helpless in this disaster. As the last resort Drum caals for help and Kunksmoor hurries to save birds from the polluted sea (the theme of environment). Kunksmoor and Drum are reconciled, and they recieve a letter in the bottle which contains thanks from Kati whose Granny´s sight Kunksmoor has restored.

  • Cast
    • Ita Ever
    • Eino Baskin
    • Kaarel Toom
  • Director
    • Heino Pars
  • Writer
    • Aino Pervik
  • Dialoogi autor
    • Aino Pervik
  • Camera Operator
    • Arvo Nuut
  • Art Director
    • Tiina Linzbach
    • Georgi Štšukin
    • Edgar Valter
  • Animaator
    • Heikki Krimm
    • Kristel Kull
    • Tõnis Sahkai
    • Aarne Ahi
  • Composer
    • Uno Naissoo
  • Editor
    • Irja Müür
  • Story Editor
    • Silvia Kiik
  • Director
    • Vladimir Korinfski

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