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MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.


2019 1h 35m Comedy 4K Apollo Film Productions

  • Subtitles: English, Russian
    Audio: Estonian

“Mehed” movie idea grew out of a hugely popular stage play and a movie that originated from Russia. Director and writer Gerda Kordemets adabted Russian original script and used different elements to bring this diverse and funny story into Estonian environment.

The movie is about 3 middle aged Estonian actors and friends – Tiit Sukk, Margus Prangel and Veikko Täär - who play an exaggerated versions of themselves. Each of them has their own reasons why they want to escape their everyday lives and go on a cross-country road trip through Estonia. Thus begins a three-man romantic journey from Tallinn to Harakasaar, a small island between Kihnu and Ruhnu.

Throughout the movie we find answers to all kind of different questions: Why are women so important in men's lives? Why are expectations for a man so high? Why does an actor always have to act, even when the cameras are not rolling?

  • Cast
    • Tiit Sukk
    • Margus Prangel
    • Veikko Täär
    • Andrus Vaarik
    • Piret Laurimaa
    • Mihkel Vendel
    • Tõnis Niinemets
    • Ursula Ratasepp-Oja
    • Carmen Mikiver
    • Eva Püssa
  • Producers
    • Tanel Tatter
    • Veiko Esken
    • Jevgeni Supin
  • Director
    • Gerda Kordemets
  • Operator
    • Hans Ulman
  • Sound Designer
    • Kauri Lemberg
  • Artist
    • Kadri Kuusler
  • Editor
    • Martin Korjus
  • Composer
    • Markus Robam
  • Apollo Film Productions
  • Zolba Productions
    • 2019

4K Movie

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