What Happened To Andres Lapeteus
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MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

What Happened To Andres Lapeteus

1966 93m Drama Tallinnfilm

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: English, Russian

Based on the novel "The Case of Andres Lapeteus" by Paul Kuusberg After a long night with his old fellow fighters, Andres Lapeteus regains consciousness in the hospital. How has confusion, bewilderment and alienation developed between those men who once fought together side by side? Is this the inevitable result of the Stalinist regime, the influence of his parvenue wife, or the effect of his personal cowardliness and conformism? How did it really happen what happened to Andres Lapeteus?

Award, Film Festival of Baltic States, Byelorussia and Moldavia (USSR), 1967, Eridiplom kaaluka ühiskondliku teema lahendamise eest

  • Cast
    • Einari Koppel
    • Ita Ever
    • heino Mandri
    • Uno Loit
    • Kaljo Kiisk
    • Rein Aren
    • Ada Lundver
    • Ants Eskola
    • Olev Eskola
    • Elmar Kivilo
    • Hardi Tiidus
    • Voldemar Kuslap
    • Helgi Sallo
    • Eve Kivi
    • H.Roog
    • Priit Ratas
    • L.Reemel
    • Olev Tinn
    • Arvo Kruusement
    • Helmut Vaag
    • Eino Tamberg
    • Mart Pärn
  • Director
    • Grigori Kromanov
  • Writer
    • Paul Kuusberg
  • Camera Operator
    • Mihhail Dorovatovski
  • Artist
    • Linda Vernik
  • Composer
    • Eino Tamberg
  • Sound Designer
    • Raimond Schönberg
  • Editor
    • Eugen Rozental


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