Ghost Mountaineer
K12May not be suitable under 12 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

Ghost Mountaineer

2015 103m Feauture film HD Kopli Kinokompanii

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: Russian, English

Urmas Eero Liiv’s feature film Ghost Mountaineer is a youth adventure film with elements of horror which is based on real life events which took place during the Soviet era. It tells the story of an Soviet Estonian student hiking group which gets caught up in a series of scary events unfolding in wintry Siberia. The unpopular group leader Olle (Reimo Sagor), who becomes disappointed in his companions during the trip, disappears on the last day in the mountains. His rival, liberal-minded and adventurous Eero (Priit Pius) guides the descending hikers into a Buryate village on the mountain to seek help.

  • Cast
    • Priit Pius
    • Reimo Sagor
    • Hanna Martinson
    • Liis Lass
    • Rait Õunapuu
    • Veiko Porkanen
    • Vadim Andreev
  • Prodcer
    • Anneli Ahven
  • Director-Story Editor
    • Urmas Eero Liiv
  • Co-producers
    • Kaspar Kaljas
    • Aurelio Laino
  • Camera Operator
    • Ants Martin Vahur
  • Sound Designer
    • Horret Kuus
  • Sound Engineer
    • Jevgeni Berežovski
    • Antti Mäss
    • Martti Tamm
  • Art Director
    • Katrin Sipelgas
  • Editor
    • Urmas Eero Liiv
    • Tambet Tasuja
  • Composer
    • Tiit Kikas.
    • Arian Levin
  • Colorist
    • Margus Voll

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.

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