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1981 ● 72m ● Family ● SD ● Tallinnfilm

Audio: Estonian
Subtiitrid: English, Russian

Bumpy is a family musical which somewhat echoes the fairy tale of Hansel and Gretel. A brother and sister called Kusti and Iti get lost in a forest while picking strawberries and are captured by an evil forest hag, who uses the two kids as slave labor - Kusti is put to work around the farm, while Iti looks after the hag's mischievous son, whom she names Bumpy due to the horn-like bumps on his head. When a chance to escape arises, the two kids take Bumpy with them. But how will a wild forest rascal like Bumpy adjust to life with Iti and Kusti's family?

  • Cast
    • Egert Soll
    • Anna-Liisa Kurve
    • Ülari Kirsipuu
    • Ita Ever
    • Tõnu Kark
    • Urmas Kibuspuu
    • Ines Aru
    • Aarne Üksküla
    • Mari Jüssi
    • Ingrid Maasik
    • Tanel Kapper
    • Mihkel Raud
    • Heiki Moorlat
    • Sulev Nõmmik
    • Kaarel Kilvet
  • Producer
    • Raimund Felt
  • Director
    • Helle Murdmaa
  • Writers
    • Helle Murdmaa
    • Helgi Oidermaa
    • Olav Ehala
  • Story Editor
    • Toomas Raudam
  • Author of Dialogues
    • Priit Aimla
  • Camera Operator
    • Ago Ruus
  • Music Designer
    • Henn Eller
  • Author
    • Juhan Viiding
  • Art Director
    • Liina Pihlak
  • Editor
    • Eevi Säde
  • Choreography
    • Mait Agu
  • Composer
    • Olav Ehala

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