Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series – Part 5
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Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series – Part 5

2020 42m Documentary, Series HD Sterotek Film

  • Audio: Estonian/Finnish/English
    Subtitles: Estonian, English

In 2019, Ott Tänak fulfilled his lifelong dream and won the World Rally Championship title with his co-driver Martin Järveoja. In the final part of the series, the audience will be treated to the special emotional and tense moments from the Rally Catalunya, where they won the long-awaited title. For the first time, one can also see how the heroes arrived home.

Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series:
In 2018, the film crew followed the Estonian rally driver Ott Tänak throughout the entire season of the world rally championship. The documentary ‘Ott Tänak – The Movie’ premiered in 2019, and it became a blockbuster! Yet there still was a lot of exclusive footage filmed in 13 countries. The external hard drives hold over 150 hours of exclusive footage! So, the filmmakers put together a 5-part TV series. It would have been pity to just let it stand. The series explores the life of a top rally driver. It is aimed for all rally fans and for everyone interested in traveling, human relationships, and who would like to discover a new exciting world one usually can't be privy to.

  • Cast
    • Ott Tänak
    • Martin Järveoja
    • Janika Tänak
    • Maarja Järveoja
    • Becs Williams
    • Molly Pettit
    • Becs Williams
    • Molly Pettit
    • Malcolm Wilson
    • Ivar Tänak
    • Sébastien Ogier
    • David Evans
    • Petter Solberg
    • Sébastien Loeb
    • Tommi Mäkinen
    • Markko Märtin
    • Erkki Paunel
    • Arvo Ojaperv
    • Maret Arge
    • Kristo Kraag
    • Oleg Gross
    • Palmi Leppik
    • Kuldar Sikk
  • Producer
    • Eero Nõgene
  • Co-produsers
    • Aleksander Ots / Urmas kibur
  • Director
    • Tarvo Mölder
  • Writer-Story Editor
    • Kaidi Klein
  • Camera Operators
    • Margus Malm / Tauno Sirel
  • Sound Designer
    • Dmitry Natalevich
  • Editors
    • Hermes Barmbat / Kaarel Kokemägi
  • Sound Engineers
    • Rein Fuks / Indrek Ulst

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.


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