Secret Society of Souptown
K0May not be suitable under 0 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

Secret Society of Souptown

2015 100m Family, kids Nafta Films

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: Estonian, English, Russian

"Secret Society of Souptown” is a story of a 10-year-old smart and brave girlMari who lives in Tartu, area called Souptown. Her parents are obsessed with work so she spends most of her time with her grandfather Peeter, the professor at a local university. Mari has 3 best friends and together they form a secret society to play scavenger hunt games her grandfather is inventing forthem.One day their city is attacked by a mysterious poison which turns adults into children. Our group embark on an adventure you cannot even imagine todiscover the antidote. Their path is paved with challenges-they have to runfrom bullies and hide from the menacing evildoer. Can our children find the antidote and take it to the local hospital within 48 hours to save the lives of all the loved ones?

Prize, Zürich International Film Festival (Switzerland), 2015, Audience Award for Children’s Film.
Prize, SCHLINGEL - International Film Festival for Children and Young Audiences (Chemnitz, Germany), 2015, Lichtenauer Audience Award.
Award, ALE KINO!- International Young Audience Film Festival (Poznan, Poland), 2015, Special Award.
Award, JUNIORFEST - International Festival for Children and Youth (Czechia), 2015, Category: Feature Films for Children from 5 to 10 - Main Prize.
Participation, CINEKID - International Children's Film, Television and New Media Festival (Amsterdam, Netherlands), 2015.
Participation, Reykjavík International Children's Film Festival (Iceland), 2015.
Participation, Riga International Film Festival (Latvia), 2015.
Participation, Chicago International Film Festival (USA), 2015.
Participation, Listapadzik - Minsk International Festival of Children and Youth Audience (Byelorussia), 2015.
Participation, FilmFestival Cottbus (Germany), 2015

  • Casts
    • Olivia Viikant
    • Arabella Antons
    • Hugo Sosaar
    • Karl Jakob Vibur
    • Evelin Võigemast
    • Mirtel Pohla
    • Ott Aardam
    • Tiit Lilleorg
    • Sten-Markus Rohtla
    • Gregori Kelder
    • Mariliis Lillemägi
    • Sampo Sarkola
    • Karin Rask
    • Kaido Höövelson
  • Producers
    • Esko Rips
    • Diana Mikita
  • Co Producers
    • Jesse Fryckman
  • Director
    • Margus Paju
  • Writers
    • Mihkel Ulman
    • Christian Gamst Miller-Harris
  • Camera Operator
    • Meelis Veermets
  • Artists
    • Jaagup Roomet
    • Kaisa Mäkinen
  • Composer
    • Liina Kullerkupp
  • Sound Designers
    • Matis Rei
    • Tarvo Schmeimann
  • Editors
    • Harri Ylönen
    • Marion Koppel
  • Colorist
    • Evar Anvelt


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