Spiritual Warrior
K0May not be suitable under 0 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

Spiritual Warrior

2024 80m Documentary HD Vita Pictura

  • Audio: Estonian/English/Russian
    Subtitles: Estonian, English, Russian

Max's first coach, Juri Solovjov, affected Max's life decisions in his youth; this saved him from the criminal world and offered him an opportunity to become a professional kickboxer. After a successful training period in the Netherlands, where one of his mentors was Ramon Dekkers, Max almost drove his career to the top. However, before an important match, Golden Glory in New York, Max gets a serious injury, which prohibits him from participating in the fight, and his contract is canceled within a day. After this, he continues training in his home country. However, serious health issues and a tragedy occur when his mentor, Ramon Dekkers, suddenly dies. After these events, financial problems start, and he falls deeply into depression. Now, he starts fighting with himself. He has to find new hope and energy to move further with life and end his career dignifiedly.

  • Cast
    • Max Vorovski
  • Producers
    • Ervin Roots
    • Aleksei Kulikov
  • Directors
    • Georgius Misjura
    • Aleksei Kulikov
  • Writer
    • Lauri Lippmaa
  • Camera operators
    • Aleksei Kulikov
    • Maxim Kazmirevski
  • Editors
    • Lev Kovalenko
    • Aleksei Sharapanjuk
    • Georgius Mirjura

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.


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