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MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.


1989 1h 47m Drama SD Tallinnfilm

  • Audio: Estonian

    Subtitles: Estonian, English, Russian

It is the night of March 25, 1949. The full moon hangs over Estonia. Endless rows of cattle cars are waiting to transport thousands of Estonian families, asleep in their homes, to Siberia. The Stalinist regime is ready to treat people like animals while using violence. But people are not animals. They have souls and emotions which get hurt. Deporters cannot read from their lists what kind of powers will be disentangled that night. Dignity and Disobedience won't be there. The constructors of a new human being, disguised into a Man and a Woman, cannot expect this. Neither will Fear and Madness be there. However, both the deporters and their runners won't stay untouched by them.

  • Cast
    • Tõnu Kark
    • Sulev Luik
    • Kaljo Kiisk
    • Maria Klenskaja
    • Ülle Kaljuste
    • Väino Laes
    • Arvo Kukumägi
    • Anne Paluver
    • Jaan Rekkor
    • Mati Klooren
    • Katrin Kohv
    • Feliks Kark
    • Vladimir Laptev
    • Liina Lintrop
  • Producers
    • Piret Tibbo
    • Karl Levoll
  • Director
    • Jüri Sillart
  • Writer
    • Rein Saluri
  • Story Editor
    • Tiina Lokk
  • Operator
    • Mait Mäekivi
  • Sound Designer
    • Mati Schönberg
  • Art Directors
    • Toomas Hõrak
    • Ann Lumiste
    • Heikki Halla
  • Editor
    • Marju Juhkum
  • Composer
    • Kuldar Sink
  • Costume Designer
    • Ann Lumiste
  • Tallinnfilm
    • 1989

SD Movie

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