Netikino cookie policy

These terms are valid as of 01.07.2019.

This cookie policy explains what are cookies and how and what information does Netikino process by using cookies. You will also get information about your rights and how to exercise these rights.

To get more information how Netikino processes your personal data, please review Netikino´s privacy notice here. Your privacy is important to Netikino and Netikino does its best to protect your personal data that has become known to Netikino.

If you have any questions, please contact Netikino via e-mail

1. What are cookies

Cookies are essentially small text files that are stored on your devices, such as computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc., when you visit and use websites and / or apps.

2. How and what information Netikino gets with cookies

Without cookies some parts of Netikino´s webpage might not function as it should. For example functional cookies have to be accessible during the movie rental period, otherwise you cannot use the service. Some cookies are integral to provide you the services. These cookies help Netikino to tackle offences and keep the services secure (essential cookies).

By using cookies Netikino is able to provide you with the service, store your preferences while you visit Netikino´s webpage, such as language preference, movie preferences, location and this way you do not have to adjust the webpage to your preferences every time you visit the webpage or browse between different sites. Cookies are a useful tool, for example, in measuring web traffic to a website. The information Netikino gets from the cookies also helps to make changes to Netikino´s webpage so that it would work better and more efficiently. Therefore cookies help Netikino to make your experience on Netikino´s webpage better (functional and performance cookies).

To be able to make you better offers, introduce new services and products to you which might interest you, third party service providers may place cookies on Netikino´s webpage (advertising cookies). These cookies may be also used to get information how to the point and relevant are Netikino´s promotions.

3. Your rights and how to exercise them

Within your browser you can always choose to accept the cookies or not. Just keep in mind that essential cookies, as the name also explains, are essential and the webpage might not work without accepting them.

If you accept cookies you are always able to clean your device of cookies. Just do not clean your device of functional cookies during the movie rental period, because you cannot use the service if you do that. For cleaning your device of cookies your browser may offer you a choice to delete cookies, but there are also many guidelines available on-line, dependent on your device and software you are using.

You are also able to block cookies on Netikino´s website, but this means that Netikino´s webpage will not work in the usual way and Netikino would hate for you to miss out.

Netikino may change this cookie policy due to changes in applicable law and practice. Netikino will always publish up to date version of this cookie policy on its website, where it is always accessible for you.

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