Goodbye Soviet Union
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Goodbye Soviet Union

2020 91m Comedy, Drama HD Exitfilm

  • Audio: Estonian/Russian/Finnish
    Subtitles: Estonian/Russian, Finnish

Johannes is born to a single student mom and is raised by his grandparents, while the hippie mom protests against the war in Afghanistan. Strong characters quarrel with each other until mother smuggles herself to work in Finland through KGB and Johannes has to face the life challenges alone. He falls deeply in love with his classmate, Vera, takes risks, gets into fights, and gets punished... all the while, in the background, the Evil Empire collapses. As the Lenins fall and the Barbie dolls take over, the crocodile Genas and the Moskvitches are forced to step aside, leaving the road to the West wide open!

Participation, PÖFF - Black Nights Film Festival (Tallinn, Estonia), 2020.
Participation, PÖFF: KinoFF (Narva, Kohtla-Järve; Estonia), 2020.
Nomination, JUSSI - Annual Award of Finnish Film Industry (Soome), 2021.
PÖFF - Audience Award.
Prague IFF - Competition program.
Cleveland IFF - Competition program.
New York New Filmmakers - Competition program.
Cottbus IFF - Competition program

  • Cast
    • Ülle Kaljuste
    • Tõnu Oja
    • Niklas Kouzmitchev
    • Nika Savolainen
    • Pääru Oja
    • Jekaterina Novosjolova
    • Sten Karpov
    • Elene Baratšvili
    • Dima Bespalov
    • Anne Reemann
    • Piret Krumm
    • Viktor Lanberg
  • Producer
    • Peeter Urbla
  • Co-Producers
    • Misha Jaari | Mark Lwoff
  • Director
    • Lauri Randla
  • Writer
    • Lauri Randla
  • Camera Operator
    • Elen Lotman
  • Artist
    • Jaana Jüris
  • Composer
    • Lauri Randla
  • Sound Desinger
    • Karri Niinivaara
  • Editors
    • Leo Liesvirta | Andres Hallik
  • Sound Engineers
    • Ann Reimann | Jan Andresson | Tanel Tänna
  • Colorist
    • Jussi Myllyniemi

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