Cup game: Tattoo
K0May not be suitable under 0 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.

Cup game: Tattoo

1977 34m Love story, short Tallinnfilm

  • Audio: Estonian, Roman
    Subtitles: English, Russian

Young Margus falls in love with the gypsy girl Zoritsa and is ready for anything to confirm her feelings. When a girl complains about a female hunter against a dairy, she takes revenge on him and gets a pounding pit. Margus' father, a local constable, puts the boy in a chain, but the prisoner breaks into freedom, accompanied by a rifle. Zoritsa's little brother finds him lurking behind the dairy window and shares with him the wisdom of life that changes the young man's mind.

  • Cast
    • Arvo Kukumägi
    • Zoja Tsjurilo
    • Jaan Brezauski
    • Aleksandr Habalov
    • Karl Kalkun
    • Arnold Altmäe
    • Andres Ander
    • Larissa Udovitšenko
    • rein Laasmaa
    • Marje Metsur
    • Jaak Tammeleht
  • Director
    • Peeter Simm
  • Writer
    • Peeter Simm
  • Camera Operator
    • Arvo Iho
  • Artist
    • Priit Vaher
  • Composer
    • Jaanus Nõgisto / Margus Kappel
  • Sound Designer
    • Roman Sabsay
  • Editor
    • Virve Laev
  • Sound Engineer
    • Henn Eller


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