Language Rebel. Mati Hint
K00 歳未満には適さないかもしれません
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Language Rebel. Mati Hint

2022 58m Documentary HD Kopli Kinokompanii

  • Audio: Estonian.
    Subtitles: English

In the revolutionary nineties, it was extremely important that the Estonian language became the state language, and for this a language law had to be adopted. Mati Hint was the ideologue of the Language Act, and thanks to his courage, attempts to change it at the last moment failed. That's how his rebellion benefited the Estonian state. The film investigates what was the role of fertile landscapes and harsh history of South Estonia in the formation of his uncompromising nature and rebel mentality

  • Cast
    • Mati HInt
  • Producer
    • Anneli Ahven
  • Director
    • Annika Koppel
  • Writer
    • Annika Koppel
  • Camera Operator
    • Madis Reimund
  • Compositor
    • Tõnu Kõrvits
  • Sound Director
    • Timo Kiirend
  • Editor
    • Kerstin Miilen
  • Sound Engineer
    • Rein Fuks
  • Imaging Specialist
    • Tanel Toomsalu

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