Klaabu / 3-series collection

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  • Klaabu
  • Klaabu in Space
  • Klaabu, Nipi and the Fish

Klaabu is a big egg-shaped character born from a drop of water. It is a fantastic being who is able to change shape when we look at it. When it wants to listen to us, it makes itself a pair of ears. In the same way it is able to have a pair of eyes, arms or a nose which gets stuck in the flower when Klaabu is smelling it. Klaabu can even fly. But as any other kid Klaabu is curious to know about all kinds of things, Klaabu wants to see and understand everything around it. After a number ofadventures Klaabu finds a friend, a caracter similar to itself.

  • Director
    • Avo Paistik
  • Writer
    • Avo Paistik
  • Camera Operator
    • Janno Põldma
  • Art Director
    • Avo Paistik
    • Kaarel Kurismaa
  • Composer
    • Sven Grünberg
  • Editor
    • Ingrid Laos
  • Story Editor
    • Silvia Kiik
  • Director
    • Kulno Luht

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