Funny Family
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Funny Family

2018 1h 35m Comedy HD Apollo Film Productions

  • Subtitles: English, Russian Estonian
    Audio: Estonian

Artur (Armen Arušanjan) secretly dreams of a filmmakers career. However his grandfather thinks Artur is the right man to take over the family wine business. But when the same business is threatened by a devastating review from an Estonian wine expert (Andrus Vaarik) Artur agrees to fly to Tallinn and deal with this difficult situation. In Tallinn Artur comes in contact with Ingrid (Sarah Kadak), the self-conscious, sharp-tongued and independent young lady... and events take a totally unexpected turn. It doesn’t take long before two young hot heads are at each other throats. Temperaments are flaring and enough confusion is caused by Arthur's friends (Stefan Airapetjan), a police tandem of a flegmatic Estonian and an emotional Armenian (Mattias Naan and Tigran Gevorkjan), a paranoid neighbor (Liina Vahtrik) with a really strange package, confusion of identities, and one particularly clever family dog.

“Funny family” is directed and written by Mikhail Pogosov. Co-produced between Estonia and Armenia.

The film has 5 spoken languages - Estonian, Armenian, English, Russian and Finnish, with Estonian, Russian or English subtitles.

  • Cast
    • Saara Kadak
    • Armen Arušanjan
    • Merle Palmiste
    • Andrus Vaarik
    • Aramo
    • Arman Navasardjan
    • Liina Vahtrik
    • Tigran Gevorkjan
    • Mattias Naan
    • Vigen Stepanjan
    • Mikhail Politseymako
  • Producers
    • Veiko Esken
    • Tanel Tatter
    • Jevgeni Supin
    • Mihhail Pogosov
  • Director
    • Mihhail Pogosov
  • Writer
    • Mihhail Pogosov
  • Camera Operator
    • Hakob Karanfilyan
  • Sound Designer
    • Pavel Emeljanov
  • Art Director
    • Kerli Dello
    • Albert Grigorjan
    • Roman Eremin
  • Editor
    • Dmitri Samsankov
  • Composers
    • Stanislav Egijants
    • Aleksei Massalitinov
    • Araksija Mušeghian
  • Costume Designers
    • Gerly Tinn
    • Helen Titanjan

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.


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