Cameraman Kõps 4-series collection

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  • Cameraman Kõps in Mushroomland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Berryland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Stoneland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Stoneland

In the next film Kõps happens to be in the land of stones where he meets the King of Stones and sees his treasures and finds out a lot of interesting things about stones.

  • Digitally restored 2014
  • Producer
    • Vladimir Korinfski
  • Director
    • Heino Pars
  • Writer
    • Iko Maran
  • Story editor
    • Silvia Kiik
  • Operator
    • Ants Looman
  • Art Director
    • Georgi Štšukin
  • Composer
    • Arvo Pärt
  • Animators
    • Aarne Ahi
    • Heikki Krimm
    • Valentin Kuik
  • Tallinnfilm
    • 1966
  • Digitally restored 2014

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