Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series

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  • Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series - Part 1
  • Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series – Part 2
  • Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series – Part 3
  • Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series – Part 4
  • Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series – Part 5

What's life like for Ott Tänak in the WRC carousel? There is a whole team behind every top rally driver. Ott also has some fellow Estonians accompanying him, like a personal physical preparation trainer, a weatherman, and the gravel crew. What do they all do? What do the rally drivers wear? How hot will it get in an un-air-conditioned rally car, and what tricks are used to relieve the heat? How do the wives of Ott Tänak and co-driver Martin Järveoja feel about their husbands' profession? Tänak receives invitations to glamorous social events as a top racer, but why would he rather stay at home?

Ott Tänak – The Movie: The Series:
In 2018, the film crew followed the Estonian rally driver Ott Tänak throughout the entire season of the world rally championship. The documentary ‘Ott Tänak – The Movie’ premiered in 2019, and it became a blockbuster! Yet there still was a lot of exclusive footage filmed in 13 countries. The external hard drives hold over 150 hours of exclusive footage! So, the filmmakers put together a 5-part TV series. It would have been pity to just let it stand. The series explores the life of a top rally driver. It is aimed for all rally fans and for everyone interested in traveling, human relationships, and who would like to discover a new exciting world one usually can't be privy to.

  • Cast
    • Ott Tänak
    • Martin Järveoja
    • Maarja Järveoja
    • Markko Märtin
    • Becs Williams
    • Urmo Aava
    • Jari-Matti Latvala
    • Petter Solberg
    • Hayden Paddon
    • Georg Gross
    • Terje Tänak
    • Ivar Tänak
    • Thierry Neuville
    • Hannes Tõnisson
    • Martin Kangur
    • Revo Kalmberg
    • Kuldar Sikk
    • Teemu Hirvonen
    • Tarmo Tiits
    • Kardo Kõresaar
  • Producer
    • Eero Nõgene
  • Co-produsers
    • Aleksander Ots / Urmas kibur
  • Director
    • Tarvo Mölder
  • Writer-Story Editor
    • Kaidi Klein
  • Camera Operators
    • Margus Malm / Tauno Sirel
  • Sound Designer
    • Dmitry Natalevich
  • Editors
    • Hermes Barmbat / Kaarel Kokemägi
  • Sound Engineers
    • Rein Fuks / Indrek Ulst

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