Ramsese Vembud 4-osaline kassett

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  • Ramses`s Tricks
  • Ramses`s Tricks II
  • Ramses`s Tricks III
  • Ramses`s Tricks IV

A series of films recounting the life of the hound Ramses and his bachelor master (the characters have been invented by a noted Estonian artist, Edgar Valter). Ramses`s master decides to go on a hunt. Ramses has to look after his master, remind him to put on his glasses and his boots. Ramses is also absent-minded, he runs into a big moose in the forest (part I). There is a downpour and Ramses and his master seek shelter, which they have to share with a huge bear (Part II). The protagonists get into all kinds of different adventures during their hunt. Next they go on a fishing trip (Part IV). Ramses finds a girlfriend and outsmarts a hooligan cat.

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