The Vacationers
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The Vacationers

2023 75m Comedy HD Apollo Film Productions

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: English, Estonian, Russian

"Based on the short story by Juhan Smuul, the Estonian feature film The Vacationers is a summer comedy full of genuine passion and catching laughter. The legendary story unfolding on the island of Muhu, was defiantly moved by the film creators to the present day, as the characters created by Smuul are truly timeless.

Since the catch leaves much to be desired, fisherman Ärni decides to rent out rooms to summer residents during the celebration of Midsummer. This is a great plan, but it seems that Sohvia, her husband Johan, their son Juunior, the beautiful Erna – Sohvia’s sister, and her businessman boyfriend Ivo, who arrive at the picturesque farm on Muhu, will cause a lot of trouble for the owners. At first glance, it becomes clear to Ärni and his wife Laine that this company simply will not work together. The summer residents from the capital are filled with a sense of self-importance and require special treatment, but under the glossy facade lurk secrets that are revealed one by one as the scandal progresses. Locals, involuntarily drawn into the quarrels of the city dwellers, discover with amazement that there is also something to complain about in their own lives. The closer to Midsummer’s Eve, the more intrigue there is and the funnier the misunderstandings become – and along with the holiday’s grandiose bonfire, passions that are already hard to restrain flare up, too. "

  • Cast
    • Kaire Vilgats
    • Meelis Rämmeld
    • Pääru Oja
    • Ago Anderson
    • Eva Koldits
    • Kristel Elling
    • Lauri Nebel
    • Adele Taska
    • Robert Klein
    • jt.
  • Producers
    • Kristian Taska / Tanel tatter / Veiko Esken
  • Director
    • Ergo Kuld
  • Writer
    • Martin Algus

HD Movie

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