K0May not be suitable under 0 years of age.
MS12Mitte soovitatav alla 12-aastastele.


2017 92m Comedy Estonian Theatrical Distribution

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: no subtitles

Indrek (Jan Uuspõld) wants it. Elen (Elina Purde) doesn't want to hear about it, but she knows that this is the only way Indrek agrees to support the woman's planned business. Tiina (Elina Reinold) demands it. Stormily. Still a wedding anniversary! But her little wife Andrus (Ago Anderson) couldn't care less. After a long working day, a tired Estonian man would just like to sit down calmly and kill zombies on his laptop. But one call to a number in a newspaper ad for excitement-hungry couples sets in motion a chain of events that makes them all night more than anyone could have imagined.

There are secrets, an unexpected love triangle, a half-naked beauty on the neighboring balcony, an orientation that has fluctuated in the most unlikely situation, and so much more. The next morning, nothing in this world is the same again. At least not for these seven people ...

"Swingers" is a shameless (and sometimes shy) relationship comedy, the central theme of which is SEKS and which attracted 82,000 viewers to Estonian cinemas.

  • Casts
    • Jan Uuspõld
    • Elina Pähklimägi
    • Ago Anderson
    • Elina Reinold
    • Ivo Uukkivi
    • Sten Karpov
    • Jekaterina Novosjolova
  • Producers
    • Kristians Alhimionoks
    • Zanda Ramane
  • Director
    • Andrejs Ekis
  • Writers
    • Timo Diener
    • Rasa Bugavicute-Pece
  • Camera Operator
    • Imants Zakitis
  • Sound Designer
    • Oskars Ostrovskis
  • Artist
    • Maija Jansone
  • Editor
    • Ukis Martins


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