The Body Fights Back
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The Body Fights Back

2020 106m Documentary HD Lola Productions

  • Audio: English
    Subtitles: Estonian, Russian

The Body Fights Back is a feature documentary about five people navigating the paradoxes of diet culture. While promises of happiness, desirability and perfection are irresistible, joy and contentment remain out of reach.
Personal stories from vastly different backgrounds quickly merge into a shockingly similar experience of battling one’s body. Self-starvation and compulsive exercise bring temporary satisfaction, only to be replaced with binging and purging. Surprisingly, none of it has much to do with food.
Featuring exclusive footage from London’s contemporary anti-diet movement and fascinating personal archives, the film offers a unique insight into the complexity of eating disorders, body image struggles and most importantly, the socio-economic realities of health.

  • Producer
    • Marian Võsumets
  • Director
    • Marian Võsumets
  • Camera Operator
    • Fidelia Regina Randmäe | Norman Tamkivi | Raivo Teeäär
  • Composer
    • Sven Sosnitski
  • Sound Designer
    • Indrek Soe
  • Editor
    • Joonas Laiapea

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