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2004 68m Documentary Kuukulgur

  • Audio: Estonian
    Subtitles: Russian

The most sensational Estonian film of 2004, the satirical documentary, is about a so-called new policy that takes advantage of the people's longing for an iron fist. The scandalous media unit Esto TV is setting up a pro-fascist remnant battalion, which will implement the slogan of the governing party Res Publica "Choose Once!". During their mission, shock reporters Ken and Tolk visit the centers of power in Estonia and the European Union, monitor the activities of Prime Minister Juhan Parts, expose conspiracies and eliminate human rubbish from the streets of both Estonia and Europe. Like an eyeball with a beard, Esto TV penetrates the hidden layers of Estonian society to expose our xenophobia, racism and intolerance.

Award, Riga International Film Festival (Latvia), 2004, Programme: Forum 2004 - Magic Crystal.
Award, Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films (Egipt), 2005, Best Documentary; FIPRESCI Prize.
Award, Virgin Maali - Estonian Association of Film Journalists' Annual Award (Estonia), 2005, The Film of the Year 2004 (together with "Mister Wall and the Wind").

Participation, Baltic Sea Documentary Forum, 2004.
Participation, Estonian Film Days in Tampere (Finland), 2005.
Participation, Baltic Film Festival (Berlin, Germany), 2005.
Participation, Cineposible International Film Festival (Cáceres, Spain), 2005.
Participation, Estonian Dream - Festival of Contemporary Art (Stavanger, Norway), 2013.

  • Cast
    • Rain Tolk
    • Ken Saan
  • Producers
    • Andres Maimik | Rain Tolk | Juhan Ulfsak | Priit Aus
  • Director
    • Andres Maimik
  • Writers
    • Andres Maimik | Rain Tolk | Juhan Ulfsak
  • Camera Operators
    • Jaak Kilmi | Andres Maimik | Marko Raat | Karol Ansip | Tristan Priimägi
  • Text
    • Juhan Ulfsak | Andres Maimik | Rain Tolk
  • Composer
    • Janek Murd | Chalice (ka Jarek Kasar) | Sten Sheripov
  • Sound Designer
    • Tanel Roovik
  • Editor
    • Andres Maimik
  • Narrators
    • Rain Tolk | Juhan Ulfsak


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