FRESH BLOOD: Best Intentions

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  • Tanel Toom introduces the directors of FRESH BLOOD
  • Virago
  • Toomas Beneath the Valley of the Wild Wolves
  • New Beginnings
  • Karl and Carla
  • Bad Hair

2019 ● 15m ● Comedy, Short ● HD ● Alexandra Film

Audio: Estonian
Subtitles: English

A mover helps a woman to move in with her boyfriend. For the woman, who is searching her place in life, neither this, the next, nor the one after that will be the last time to move.

Participation, Nordic Film Days Lübeck (Germany), 2019, Programme: Post-pubertal Malfunction.
Participation, PÖFF Shorts (Tallinn, Tartu; Estonia), 2019, Programme: National Competition.

  • Cast
    • Riina Maidre
    • Janek Joost
    • Ülle Kaljuste
    • Alo Kõrve
    • Jaan Penjamin
  • Producer
    • Marianne Ostrat
  • Director
    • Tanno Mee
  • Writer
    • Tanno Mee
  • Camera Operator
    • Martin Raun
  • Artist
    • Reet Brandt
  • Costume Designer
    • Helina Risti
  • Composer
    • Liisa Hirsch
  • Sound Designer
    • Harmo Kallaste
  • Editor
    • Martin Männik
  • Sound Engineer
    • Liisa Taul
    • Aleksandra Koel
  • Colorist
    • Martin Raun

HD Movie

Playback quality depends on hardware and internet connection.


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