Heino Pars, bundle with 15 movies

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  • Välek Vibulane
  • Johnny's Seven Friends
  • Laughball
  • The Town of Honeymakers
  • When Men Sing
  • Insects' Summer Games
  • A Little Motorscooter
  • Nail I
  • Ott Outerspace
  • Bonycrone and Captain Drum
  • Bonycrone
  • Cameraman Kõps in Mushroomland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Berryland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Stoneland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Stoneland

Kunksmoor, a good witch, who can cure all kinds of illness, loves on a desert island. The captain of a ship called Drum is washed onto the island after his ship is wrecked in the storm. Kunksmoor, whose real name is Emmeliine, cures the man using herbs that she has gathered in the forest. The two of them go to town where there are lots of attractions, such as shops filled with goods and a large assortment of sweet and tasty cakes in thetown. Now she changes beyond recognition: she has a wonderful hairdo and clothes cut to the latest fashion. She appears on television but after seeing the programme Kunksmoor feels ashamed of this vanity fair. Kunksmoor returns to her desert island starting to live in her witch hut together with Captain Drum. In this way the modern fairy tale shows us how to discard the false values and pick the real values.

  • Cast
    • Ita Ever
    • Eino Baskin
    • Kaarel Toom
  • Director
    • Heino Pars
  • Writer
    • Aino Pervik
  • Camera Operator
    • Arvo Nuut
  • Art Director
    • Edgar Valter
    • Georgi Štšukin
  • Animaator
    • Valve Sõerd
    • Aarne Ahi
    • Tõnis Sahkai
    • Heikki Krimm
  • Composer
    • Uno Naissoo
  • Editor
    • Irja Müür
  • Story Editor
    • Silvia Kiik
  • Director
    • Vladimir Korinfski

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