Heino Pars, bundle with 15 movies

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  • Välek Vibulane
  • Johnny's Seven Friends
  • Laughball
  • The Town of Honeymakers
  • When Men Sing
  • Insects' Summer Games
  • A Little Motorscooter
  • Nail I
  • Ott Outerspace
  • Bonycrone and Captain Drum
  • Bonycrone
  • Cameraman Kõps in Mushroomland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Berryland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Stoneland
  • Cameraman Kõps in Stoneland

A small scooter falls off a car loaded with toys. After many adventures, a good scooter finds its way to the kindergarten, where it makes a lot of fun for toddlers.

  • Director
    • Heino Pars
  • Writer
    • Eno Raud
  • Camera Operator
    • Kalju Kurepõld
  • Artists
    • Linda Vernik
    • Georgi Štšukin
  • Coomposer
    • Arvo Pärt
  • Animators
    • Evgenia Levoll
    • Peeter Künnapuu
    • Kalju Kurepõld
  • Editor
    • Maire Põim
  • Sound Engineer
    • Harald Läänemets
  • Story Editor
    • Silvia Kiik


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